The Center with god’s purpose

Ravencrest Chalet. The Swiss-style chalet was built in the winter of 1962-63 and was a private home as well as a well-known resort.

A Christian family purchased Ravencrest Chalet from the original owner in 1972 and operated it as a restaurant and lodge while looking for the opportunity to convert it into a Christian center.

That opportunity came when a contact was made with Major Ian Thomas. The days that followed set into motion the acquisition of the property and so expanded the international ministry of Torchbearers of the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship.

The "Inn with an Old World Charm" became the "Center with God's Purpose."

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Serving Opportunities

Head Cook / Kitchen Manager

Ravencrest is hiring a full-time Head Cook. This person is responsible for the management of the kitchen and a team of interns through the entire Bible school year and summer retreats. Skill and experience in cooking and managing a kitchen is appreciated, and also a heart for serving and being part of an intentional community. We are looking for someone who enjoys cooking and preparing food, but also is administratively minded, relational and has a desire to engage spiritually with others.

Starting date: May 2016, Please send a resume and cover letter to:




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